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We all want to do more to fight climate change,  but what can you do that really makes a difference?

Go Neutral makes it easy for everyone to take real, meaningful action on climate change.  The more people we help, the more impact we all can have on reducing emissions.

You don’t need to be a hero, or a climate expert. Going neutral is easy, effective, and feels great.

We're starting with cars. We get it: you can't stop driving, and you can't go electric just yet. The good news is, there is something you can do right now.

Buying a Go Neutral sticker makes your car carbon neutral today.


When you drive your car, it burns fuel. The emissions in your car's exhaust contribute to global warming.

You can't just stop driving, but you can take action.


We pay to capture the same amount of emissions. That means growing trees and restoring native bushland.

Our offsets are real, and build a stronger Australia.


Your car’s emissions are balanced by the offsets, and your car is now carbon neutral.

Until you can go electric, it’s the best thing you can do. It’s easy and feels great.


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Free carbon neutral shipping in Australia.

You're buying the sticker that fights climate change! 

This Go Neutral sticker makes your car carbon neutral. You pay to balance the emissions from your car for one year.

We use high-quality carbon credits that don’t just reduce emissions, they also build a stronger Australia:

✓ 100% Australian projects

✓ 100% natural carbon capture

✓ Independently audited and verified

You're purchasing the retirement of 3.2 tonnes of carbon offsets, enough to balance emissions from the average Australian car. No need to work out your carbon footprint or remember your mileage - it’s OK to be average! If you want to get into the details, you can use our calculator or choose your own amount.

The Go Neutral sticker is a premium vinyl sticker, made to look great on your rear windscreen. Each sticker is valid for a year, and shows its expiration month.

Our stickers make great gifts - learn more about giving.

Questions? See our FAQs for more!


Across Australia, people are doing the hard work of capturing or reducing emissions. They are the real climate heroes. We're proud to show you who we work with.

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