Happy neutral year! 2000 tonnes and a new project

Welcome to 2021! We have started the year with more milestones and adding more regeneration projects - thanks to all of you who have gone neutral.

Your impact

We have now offset over 2000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.  If that sounds like a lot, you're right: that’s as much as the direct fuel emissions of 10,000 return flights within Australia! It goes to show that making your car carbon neutral is one of the biggest, easiest things that you can do to make a difference.

A new regeneration project

We’ve just completed our most recent retirement of carbon credits, and have added one more regeneration project to our portfolio.

Native forest being regenerated as part of the Morton Plains project

The Morton Plains project is regenerating bushland on a sheep-grazing property near Bourke, in NSW. Like most regeneration projects, it involves many changes to how the property is run. From better management of feral animals, to improved fencing, and more drinking troughs to allow for livestock rotation and reduced grazing pressure. The result is over 12,000 hectares where eucalypt forest and acacia woodland are being restored.

So far, all our credits have been from NSW projects. We have our eyes on some projects in WA and QLD too!

We're making neutral normal - and you can help

Every day, more people are making a difference by going neutral. It's such an effective action, and it makes so much sense! We think that going neutral should be the natural choice for anyone who needs to drive a non-electric car.

You can help make a difference by spreading the word. Most people have never thought about making their car carbon neutral, or don't know how easy and effective it is. If you think neutral should be normal, help out by letting them know!

A big year for climate action

2021 is shaping up to be a huge year for climate action. Here at Go Neutral headquarters, we have plenty of big plans, and are excited to share more with you. Stay tuned!