Our first 1000 tonnes of offsets - how many balloons?

Go Neutral has now offset over 1000 tonnes of emissions. How many party balloons would that fill?

When it comes to climate, we believe that more people can make more impact. That’s why we made the Go Neutral sticker: it’s simple, effective, and it feels great. It’s something that everyone can do, and it makes a real difference.

A thousand tonnes of emissions sounds like a lot, but it’s really hard to visualise. Let’s think about how much space all that carbon dioxide would take up.

car with balloons escaping

Imagine filling up party balloons with the carbon dioxide from your car exhaust. For an average Australian car, you would fill 320 balloons every day. And that’s just one car.

By making their cars carbon neutral, our customers have already offset over 300 cars and over 1000 tonnes of emissions. That’s the equivalent of removing 37 million party balloons of carbon dioxide from the air!

Go Neutral sticker on car

When you buy a Go Neutral sticker, we pay to regenerate Australian bushland, which captures carbon as it grows. So instead of letting all your balloons escape, you’re putting your emissions back in the ground.

If you need to drive, you can take responsibility for the emissions from your car by buying a Go Neutral sticker. Everyone can do it, and together we can really make a difference.