Our first carbon credits - and a bonus!

We’re thrilled to share that we have made our first purchase of carbon credits: if you’ve bought a Go Neutral sticker, your offsets are now real! Read on to find out more about the projects we support - and a little surprise bonus.

There are lots of ways to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Our favourite methods are all natural, meaning that they involve using plant life such as trees, which remove and store carbon as they grow. And our favourite way to grow trees is by regeneration, which is about helping native forest regrow.  


Regeneration isn’t the fastest way to capture carbon. Compared to planting lots of fast-growing trees, it’s pretty slow. But one of the great things about Australia is that we have a lot of land, and plenty of bushland that needs regenerating. So it’s OK to use more land, and take more time, and get a really great outcome.

Regeneration projects have lots of benefits, beyond removing emissions. The bushland that regrows is native and endemic, and creates more habitat for native wildlife. It improves soil quality and reduces soil erosion. In short, it’s a great way to go.

The Inverness Human Induced Regeneration Project

The first projects that Go Neutral supports are the Moolakar and Inverness Human Induced Regeneration Projects. Both are near Bourke, in north-west New South Wales, and are regenerating grazing land that used to be forested. Both projects are required to maintain the store of captured carbon for 100 years.

Each time we purchase carbon credits, we’re looking for the best that are available. You can expect to see a range of different projects over time, and we’ll tell you about them all.

But wait, there's more - 10% more!

When we set our price for Go Neutral stickers, we chose a price that would let us safely buy a range of high-quality Australian carbon credits. This time, it turns out that these credits were cheaper than we had budgeted for - so we bought some extra!

For every order so far, we are offsetting an extra 10 percent at no extra cost. Customers who bought a standard sticker have paid for 3.2 tonnes, but we’re making that 3.5 tonnes instead. It’s part of our commitment to make your actions count as much as possible.

If you have a car, you can join the movement, and make it carbon neutral today.