This year, give them climate action

If you’re looking for a climate-conscious gift, look no further! Go Neutral stickers make great gifts. By making a car carbon neutral for a year, each sticker does good for the climate, and feels good all year long.

A real gift

Carbon offsets are a great gift to reduce a loved one’s carbon footprint. But most carbon offsets are invisible: you can’t unwrap them, or hold them in your hands on Christmas morning.

A Go Neutral sticker is a real gift. We send each sticker in a custom envelope with a thank-you card that explains how a Go Neutral sticker makes your car carbon neutral. You get a sticker for the car, and a card for the fridge, to make it feel really meaningful.

A real difference

A Go Neutral sticker makes an average Australian car carbon neutral for a year. It balances 3.2 tonnes of emissions: that’s as much as 15 round-trip flights in Australia! We use offsets from 100% Australian projects, that capture emissions by regenerating Australian bushland. It’s great for the climate, our land, and our economy. You’re not just going carbon neutral, you’re also building a better future for Australia.

A Go Neutral sticker works for any car, you don’t need to know the details! But if you do, you can choose exactly how much you’d like to offset.

Feel good all year long

Your Go Neutral sticker reminds you that you’ve taken responsibility for your emissions. Every time you get in your car, it takes away a little bit of worry and replaces it with a little bit of joy! We all need to drive, and this brings an extra smile to every trip in the car.

Get them started, or give them a climate boost

Whether it’s for someone who hasn’t really thought about climate change, or someone that thinks about it every day, a Go Neutral sticker is a gift that can help anyone on their climate journey. For someone who might need a nudge, it’s a great way to start a discussion and to show them that taking action doesn’t need to be hard. And for those already doing their best, it’s a boost to help reduce their carbon footprint even further.

For a sustainable, climate-positive gift this year, give them a Go Neutral sticker. The planet will thank you, too!