Making a difference together

Go Neutral acquired by leading Australian environmental markets investor GreenCollar.

Go Neutral was founded with a single pressing mission: to make it easy for everyone – not just experts, corporations or governments – to take effective action on climate change.

So we’re excited to announce our recent acquisition by leading Australian environmental markets investor GreenColllar! Joining forces will help us do even more of what we do best – cutting carbon emissions at scale.

In fact, we’re so enamoured with GreenCollar’s high-impact action on climate change that I've also joined the GreenCollar executive team as Chief Technology Officer.

What does this mean for Go Neutral now and into the future?

Direct access to high quality and high integrity carbon credits and the resources to grow at scale, with our customers (that’s you!) having greater access to quality environmental projects across the nation.

But just as importantly, this deal gives us the ability to extend our offering beyond making cars carbon neutral (if you haven’t already, click here to purchase one of great car stickers to offset your vehicle’s emissions for an entire year), and into other key areas. We’re focussed on offsetting emissions through projects that positively effect the environment beyond the initial offset amount, while providing vital social and economic benefits to regional communities. In fact, we’re determined to help people move beyond just reducing their carbon footprint and into other areas of their lives that will make a difference to the environment. Which is why our partnership with GreenCollar is so exciting.

As one of Australia’s largest environmental markets investors and project developers, GreenCollar works with farmers, graziers, custodians and other land managers throughout Australia to create commercial opportunities through projects that enhance their productive enterprise and care for the environment. GreenCollar’s projects target some of Australia’s most threatened environments, working with institutional investors and the corporate sector to develop commercially viable projects that drive tangible action on climate change. GreenCollar’s “work in water, plastics and other areas allows Go Neutral to be a part of improving people’s lives forever.

I'm looking forward to us making an even bigger difference, together.