The integrity of Australia's carbon market

There is a lot of discussion about the integrity of Australia's carbon market and the validity of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs). The science that underpins carbon credits is complex. Go Neutral exists to make positive climate action easy for everyone, so we take on the complexity and thoroughly screen all the projects that we source from to make sure the ACCUs that we purchase and surrender on behalf of our customers are real and high quality. All our projects are also independently audited and verified, so you don't just need to take our word for it.

The projects we source from are carefully monitored and measured at regular intervals to ensure they are delivering tangible results. This includes daily remote monitoring via satellite imagery which is backed up with quarterly reviews and on-ground field work to measure actual changes in vegetation. Independent auditors then take up to six weeks and 100 hours to analyse project data and carry out their own on-ground checks before ACCUs are issued. We are wholly confident that the projects we support provide high quality, high integrity carbon abatement that is real and additional. In other words, your car offset is real.

What's more, all our projects strive to deliver additional benefits for both the environment and the regional communities where they are based. By regenerating native bushland these projects help farmers transition to more sustainable practices, improve Australian landscapes, create habitat for native species and support biodiversity - this is all work that is funded by your purchase.

At Go Neutral we believe that offsetting is just one action that we can take to address climate change. The role of carbon credits is to mitigate further negative impact while long term solutions that will reduce total emissions are developed and credits help fund this longer term change.

The fact is, unless we all stop driving or switch to Electric Vehicles today, our cars will continue to produce emissions and increase the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. We think that offsetting these emissions is better than allowing them to continue building up.

Urgent climate action is needed now. We recognise that carbon credits are not the perfect solution long term, but with the right checks and balances in place to ensure quality, it is something we can do to prevent further damage to the environment today.