You can make your car carbon neutral today

We all want to do more to fight climate change. But sometimes it feels hard to know what you can do that can really make a difference.

Today, we’re launching Go Neutral. Go Neutral is here to help everyone take more meaningful action to reduce their carbon footprint and fight climate change. We know that the more people we get involved, the more difference we can make.

We’re starting with cars. Especially in Australia, pretty much everyone needs to drive a car. Electric cars are here, and getting cheaper quickly, but it will still be years until we can all be driving EVs. And that means that, no matter how much you care about the climate, you’re creating emissions every time you drive. And there’s not much you can do about it.

That’s why we made the Go Neutral sticker. Buying a Go Neutral sticker for your car makes your car carbon neutral for a year. Your money pays for emissions to be taken back out of the air, by restoring Australian bushland and farmland. You put fuel in your car, and this puts your exhaust back in the ground, in trees.


We believe in climate action for everyone, and going neutral is something that everyone can do. If you have a car, you can make it carbon neutral today.

We’re really excited to share Go Neutral with you all. Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that go the furthest. We hope that you will Go Neutral with us, and let’s start making a difference!

Did you know that there are almost 20 million cars in Australia? We want to make a million cars carbon neutral - that's a million people taking real action. Will you join us?

This is just the beginning - we'll be sharing more about what we do, and we'll keep making it easy for you to spread the word and make an even bigger difference.

Are you in? You can Go Neutral right now. Be sure to follow @goneutralnow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more!