Can my car really go carbon neutral? What happens when I buy a sticker?

When you drive your car, it burns petrol or diesel fuel. The exhaust from your car’s engine contains gases that contribute to climate change. These are your car’s emissions.


Driving cars produces emissions, but there are other things which can reduce emissions. For example, as trees grow, they capture carbon dioxide from the air, and store it in their trunks, roots, and in the soil. 


There are projects across Australia and the world that are avoiding emissions or capturing emissions from the atmosphere. We choose projects, and then we pay them for their work.


These carbon offsets can be used to balance the emissions that come from you driving your car. The result? Driving your car doesn’t increase emissions, and doesn’t contribute to climate change. That’s being carbon neutral.


When you go neutral with us, your money goes to projects which don’t just reduce emissions, they help build a better Australia. Find out more.


You don’t need an electric car to reduce your emissions - you can go neutral today.


Every car that goes neutral is making a difference. And the more people that join the movement, the more difference it makes.




We get it.


You know your car causes pollution, but you need to drive. Most people do!


You’d love a more efficient car, but it’s not going to happen any time soon.


You feel bad, but can’t do anything about it - which just makes you feel worse.


We’re not here to judge. We’re here to help. Everyone can make a difference by going neutral.


You don’t need to stop driving.


You don’t need to buy an expensive new car.


You don’t have to feel guilty.


Your Go Neutral sticker shows that you are taking responsibility for your emissions. You are taking action!


When you buy your Go Neutral sticker, you are buying 3.2 tonnes of carbon offsets. That's how much is needed to balance emissions from the average Australian car.

You don't need to be an expert to go neutral. We believe it's more important to take action than to get bogged down in details. Your car's emissions might be a bit higher or lower than average, and may change over the year. Unless you really need to know that you're matching your car's emissions, you can feel good that offsetting the average car is a big step that makes a real difference.

What if your car's emissions are less than average? Well done, and keep it up! Most people in Australia have a carbon footprint of 15 tonnes per year, so you can think of any spare offsets as balancing a bit more of your overall emissions.



One car’s yearly emissions is the same as..

  • More than 15 domestic return flights
  • More than 600 cheeseburgers