Can I give Go Neutral stickers as gifts?

Yes! Go Neutral stickers make great gifts. We don't send receipts with our stickers, so if you like you can send them directly to the recipient. You'll get the receipt, and also reminders to renew for next year.

We make it easy to share your gift virtually, too. Find out more about giving stickers as gifts.

Where should I put my sticker?

We designed the stickers to look great on your car’s windows. We suggest you put it on your rear window or rear side window. It’s not recommended to put it on your car’s paintwork.

Do I need to put the sticker on my car?

It’s up to you! Putting the sticker on your car tells you and everyone else that you’ve taken responsibility for your emissions. It will also help spread the word and encourage others to go neutral, too. We hope that it will help you feel great about making a difference!

How do I take the sticker off?

Peel the sticker off from one side, pulling it back over itself. You may need to clean the window with warm, soapy water afterwards.

Do you have other sticker designs?

We have just the one design right now. If it doesn’t work for you, please get in touch and tell us why!

Do I need to offset my car every year?

Each sticker covers a year’s worth of emissions. If you’d like to stay carbon neutral, you need to buy more offsets (and a new sticker) each year. We'll remind you when it's time to renew!

If I offset my car, does that mean I can drive as much as I like?

The only thing better than balancing your emissions is reducing them! That means driving as little as you can.

Do I need to work out my car's emissions?

No, you don't need to work out your car's emissions in order to buy a Go Neutral sticker. Just go with the average amount!

We want to help you take climate action as easily and simply as possible. Offsetting slightly less or more than your exact emissions is way better than nothing.

I have an old car that uses a lot of petrol. Can I go neutral?

Yes! No matter what you drive, or how much you drive, you can take responsibility for your emissions by going neutral. When it's time for you to change what you drive, you can reduce your emissions (and your fuel costs) by choosing a car that's more fuel efficient - or even an electric car.

I have a motorbike or a scooter, can I buy a Go Neutral sticker?

You sure can! The stickers have been designed for car windscreens, so may not be very suitable, but the offsets work just fine. You can calculate motorbike emissions using our calculator, or use the car average.

I have an electric car, do I need a sticker?

Unless you use only renewable energy (either your own from solar, or by signing up to a green energy plan from your energy retailer), you still create emissions when you charge your electric car. You can go neutral in two ways: you can buy a Go Neutral sticker, or change your energy supply to be emissions-free. Thanks for driving electric!

I used a different calculator and want to buy a Go Neutral sticker and offsets, is that OK?

Absolutely! There are lots of different calculators out there, and you can learn a lot about your carbon footprint by using them. Once you know how much you’d like to offset, you can choose your own amount to offset.

Which is better, an electric car or a carbon neutral petrol car?

Electric cars create lower emissions over their lifetime than petrol or diesel cars. No exhaust means no air pollution, helping us have cleaner skies and better health. If you use renewable energy to charge your car, it can be truly zero emissions. So if buying an electric car is an option for you, it will in general make a bigger difference than offsetting emissions from a fuel-burning car.

Where do your carbon offsets come from?

We source all of our offsets from Australian projects that are about improving land-use and agriculture to reduce emissions. These projects can include growing or planting trees, avoiding land clearing, and regenerative farming methods. Our dream is that reducing Australia’s emissions can also rebuild Australia’s soils, plant life, and improve conditions for Australian farmers and regional communities.

You can see exactly which projects we support here.

Can I trust that the carbon offsets are genuine?

Yes. We only use high quality carbon credits that have been independently verified by a third-party accreditor. We buy Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), which are tracked in the Australian National Registry of Emissions Units (ANREU). All projects use methods recognized by the Clean Energy Regulator.  Learn more about how we choose our offsets.

Do carbon offsets really make a difference?

Yes. The scientific consensus is that carbon can be removed from the atmosphere and stored long-term in trees. Carbon credits form part of all major global plans for addressing climate change, which is why it is usual to hear talk of reaching “net zero” emissions. Offsetting emissions is not as good as avoiding them in the first place, but it is important and effective.

Your offsets cost more than some others I’ve seen. Why is that?

We set our prices so that we can choose high-quality Australian carbon credits whenever possible. There are many sources for carbon offsets, which use different methods and are run in different parts of the world. Australian credits aren’t the cheapest, and so our offsets may cost more than others.

Is there enough land to use to actually make this work?

Yes, there is enough land that can be used to capture carbon. Many people only think about “tree planting” projects, which can be limited by the availability of suitable land. It’s another reason that we use other land-use projects such as regeneration.

Have you considered using seaweed or other “blue carbon” methods?

The scientific understanding of carbon capture is improving rapidly, and new methods are also developed all the time. “Blue carbon” such as algae and seaweed farming are exciting, and we might support these methods in the future. We don’t run our own projects, which lets us move quickly to support what we believe are the best available methods.

Why are offsets measured in tonnes?

The main cause of global warming is the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This is measured in tonnes.

You might not think about gases having a weight, but they do. One tonne of carbon dioxide takes up a lot of space: it's enough to fill over 30,000 party balloons!

Buying one tonne of carbon offsets means that you've paid for there to be one tonne less of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Why can I only buy offsets by the half-tonne?

We’re interested in real climate action that makes a difference, and we want you to focus on what really matters. Some carbon calculators can tell you exactly how many grams or kilograms of emissions you create. When it comes to offsetting, this is missing the point! We need to reduce emissions by billions of tonnes. So as part of getting used to thinking big, we're not thinking any smaller than half tonnes.

I don’t live in Australia, can I still buy a sticker?

Yes! Climate change is a global challenge, so we all need to do our part. We’re starting with Australian carbon projects, but we all share the one atmosphere, so the carbon offsets still work no matter where in the world you are. International orders may take a little longer to arrive, and there is a small shipping charge.

How long will my order take?

We print our stickers in batches, on demand. This keeps our overheads low and means that more of your money goes to carbon offsets. It may take a few weeks to receive your sticker. You’ll receive an email when your order is fulfilled. If you have any concerns about your order, you can contact us.

Can I offset even more?

Thanks for your enthusiasm! We’re going to offer more ways to offset your footprint in the future. For now, you can get in touch with us directly.

Am I buying carbon credits? Can I sell or trade them?

When you buy a sticker, you are paying for Go Neutral to purchase the retirement carbon credits on your behalf. We do not buy or sell carbon credits, which are a financial product. Retiring (or "surrendering") a carbon credit means that it can no longer be bought or sold, and so it has been used.

Can Go Neutral certify my business as carbon neutral?

We can help you purchase offsets, but we can’t certify you as carbon neutral. If you’d like to be able to say that your business is carbon neutral, please take a look at the ClimateActive program.

Is Go Neutral a charity?

We are a for-purpose, for-profit company. Our ambition is to have a huge impact on climate change, and we believe the best way we can do that is by building a great business.

Where does my money go?

From an average $112 sticker, it is our goal to keep an average margin of $10 after paying for the retirement of carbon credits, GST, and production costs (printing, postage). We make slightly less on stickers that offset fewer emissions, and slightly more on stickers that offset more emissions.

From an average $112 car sticker, between 71 and 84 percent of your purchase amount is spent on the retirement of carbon credits, and GST.

Go Neutral uses the remainder of the proceeds to realise our vision of a better future, by raising awareness, developing new products, and keeping Go Neutral operating.