Go Neutral stickers make great gifts for your friends and family. It's a practical gift that makes a real impact!

If you know someone who has a car, and would like their car to be carbon neutral, giving them a Go Neutral sticker is a great way to get them started.

Making your car carbon neutral is a gentle introduction to climate action. It's a great way to help raise awareness of climate change as an issue, get people thinking, and show them that it doesn't have to be hard to do.

We've made it easy to give Go Neutral stickers as gifts. Here's what to do.

#1: Buy them a sticker!

You can choose to send the sticker directly to the lucky recipient. Each sticker comes with a postcard with a brief explanation. There is currently no option to personalise the contents, so if you'd like to include your own message or card, please send the sticker to yourself. 

You don't need to know what kind of car they drive, or how far. You can buy a sticker for the average Australian car, and you're all set.

#2: Let them know!

You can now tell them about the gift that will be coming their way! Here are ways for you to share the Go Neutral sticker virtually:

Send them this gift page, which will tell them exactly what they're getting. You can copy this text and link: Your car is now carbon neutral!

Copy or download one of these images and use it in an email:


#3 Feel great!

You've helped someone go neutral. Thank you! As well as reducing their carbon footprint, you're helping to spread the word about climate action. Getting more people involved is the best way that we can have an even bigger impact.