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We’re born of optimism and a drive to take positive climate action. We’re powered by a strong will and a sense of responsibility, knowing that we owe it to future generations.

We know things won’t get better by wishing and hoping. We also know that we’re done waiting for governments or big business to lead to charge. We’re here to inspire ordinary actions that make extraordinary change. We’re about helping all Australians take the right first steps that really make a difference.

We’re not expecting you to devote your whole life to becoming an unfailing eco-warrior. Taking positive climate action is as easy as clicking here to offset your carbon. We’ll take care of the rest.

When we get together, we can do extraordinary things.



Taking action on climate change doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. There are big, easy steps that you can take, while you work on all the harder stuff.

Right now, using carbon offsets is one of the best things that you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and fight climate change.

There are almost 20 million cars in Australia: we believe that making them all carbon neutral makes a bigger difference than just a few people reducing their carbon footprint completely.

That’s why we made Go Neutral: to make it easy for everyone to make a meaningful impact on climate change.


We are working towards a world where we’ve turned the corner on climate change. We look beyond net zero emissions to a world where the atmosphere hasn’t just stopped getting dirtier, but actually gets cleaner, every day.

We see an Australia that isn’t just surviving, but thriving. Healthy land with more trees, more natural habitat, and more productive farms. Stronger regional economies. Australia can be more than a renewable energy superpower: it can also be a carbon-capturing superpower.

This isn’t our vision alone. It’s shared by Australia’s leading scientists and economists. And we can get there, together.


Go Neutral was started by Casey Whitelaw and Mariana Green.

Until 2019, Casey followed a career in technology that included a PhD in computer science and 14 years as an engineer and engineering leader at Google. He left to find a way to use his skills to contribute directly to slowing climate change.

With a background building billion-user products and working with the world’s best product and design teams, Casey is determined to use what he has learned to remove more emissions, more quickly.

Casey teamed up with 2040: The Regeneration to tell his story:


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