Congratulations! Your car is now carbon neutral for a year!

You've just been given a Go Neutral sticker. Your sticker buys high-quality Australian carbon offsets that balance the emissions made by driving your car. That makes your car carbon neutral.

We buy high-quality carbon credits that don’t just reduce emissions, they also build a stronger Australia:

✓ 100% Australian projects
✓ 100% natural carbon capture
✓ Independently audited and verified

Go Neutral is climate action for everyone. You can learn more about how it works, the offsets we buy, and our vision for a better Australia. And if you have more questions, check our FAQs for more.

Every car that goes neutral makes a difference in the fight against climate change. By putting your sticker on your car, you can show the world that you've taken action, and encourage others to do the same. It's easy, and feels great!

Pretty exciting, right? Remember to say thank you! And if you'd like to share your excitement, here's an image that you can copy and share online:

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