Are you looking for a sustainable, climate-positive gift that makes a real difference? A Go Neutral sticker is one of the most unique gifts you can give.

Make their car carbon neutral for a year with a Go Neutral sticker!

Perfect for family, friends and coworkers, when you buy a Go Neutral sticker you are paying to capture enough emissions to balance an average Australian car. That's 2.9 tonnes of carbon you'll be removing from the atmosphere on their behalf.

But what does that actually look like? Picture three hot air balloons filled up with harmful emissions, contributing to our climate crisis every year - and that's just from their car's exhaust. Honour your family and friends by offsetting their car's carbon emissions and you'll be providing them with an unforgettable gift that also helps slow climate change.

We support 100% Australian projects, which means you're regenerating Australian bushland and building a better future for us all. And that's a real gift.

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Free carbon neutral shipping in Australia.

Climate action you can gift wrap

A Go Neutral sticker makes a car carbon neutral for a year. It pays to capture emissions by regenerating bushland, here in Australia. The carbon reduction is independently audited and certified to the highest standard.

✓ 100% Australian projects

✓ 100% natural carbon capture

✓ Independently audited and verified

You're purchasing the retirement of 2.9 tonnes of carbon offsets, enough to balance emissions from the average Australian car.

The Go Neutral sticker is a premium vinyl sticker, made to look great on your rear windscreen. Each sticker is valid for a year, and shows its expiration month.


The sustainable gift they'll love:
a carbon neutral car

Laura Wells carbon neutral


if they love our planet, they'll love going neutral

car thank you sticker

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Visit our FAQ page to get into the nitty gritty details around offsetting your vehicle, orders and sticker information.

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hear from our customers

I was so excited to receive the sticker and know that I am contributing to reducing carbon emissions.


Very happy to be able to take positive action to offset my camper's carbon emissions. Thanks for your great service and for the exciting work you're doing.

N Deane

Great initiative until I can switch my vehicle to electric it makes me feel much better driving my car with my go neutral sticker.

Marianne E

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